in front of chapple

Camp Quaker Haven not only provides scenic beauty, but several facilities for your use to make your experience even better.

Chapel building and basketball courts

Dining Hall: Cafeteria Style dining with seating for up to 100 at a time. Also outdoor picnic areas for more seating.

Chapel: Seating for 200 with large stage area and sound system with heating and air-conditioning

Cabins: 8 boys cabins and 8 girls cabins capable of sleeping 14 or more people each. A bathhouse is also available on the boys and girls side.

Workers Cabin: Cabins for staff, directors, program personnel. Cabins are heated and air-conditioned as well.

Speakers Cabin: Small cabin for private quarters

Nurses Cabin: Fully equipped nurses cabin for medical attention and treatment. Also contains sleeping quarters with shower.

Large Shelter: Area for activities that can hold the whole camp in rain or shine.


Playing games at the dining hall

Pool: large pool and bathhouse

Giant Slide: the famous 'Camp Slide' is packed full of speed and fun

Basketball: 2 courts with adjustable goals

Carpet Ball: a Camp Quaker Haven original

Sand Volleyball: not only an Olympic sport, but great fun at camp as well

Archery Range and Equipment: take your shot at a 'bulls eye'

Frisbee Golf: a challenging 18 hole Frisbee Golf course

Sport Fields: lots of space to spread out for softball, football or soccer.

Low Ropes: Several low ropes items on the camp.

Gaga Pit: In Hebrew: גע-גע‎‎ literally means "touch-touch" it is a variant of dodgeball that is played with one ball. The game combines dodging, striking, running, and jumping, with the object of being the last person standing.